About Ludio

A story of games, community, and the future of work

Meet the founders

Ankit Buddhiraju
CEO and Cofounder
Kubrat Danailov
CPO and Cofounder

We met in 2011 as Princeton undergrads and quickly became best friends.

In 2014 we cofounded a tongue-in-cheek student group for playing games.

It was called Liars Club.

A large group of us would play bluffing games like Mafia and Liar's Dice every Friday, long into the night.

Making new friends over games was incredibly easy and fun - especially when the games emphasized social interaction.

After graduating, we wanted to democratize the social experience of Liars Club to everyone.

We've been on a mission to build community through games ever since.

In 2018, we resurrected our community online. We spent 2 years playing our favorite games over Zoom with people from around the world.

It was too much work for hosts and too little fun for players. We started building something better.

Then the pandemic happened.

Fast-forward to 2023, and video calls have revolutionized how we work.

You’ve used video calls to do work, talk to customers, raise money from investors, or network at an event - without ever meeting those people in real life.

That’s pretty incredible.

But video calls haven’t revolutionized how we connect, socialize, and have fun.

We limit our imagination to fit the tools at our disposal.

Polls. Screen share. Breakout rooms.

No wonder interactions that are seamless in real life become clunky and awkward on a video call.

We built Ludio to help people connect online in a meaningful way.

We’re starting with remote-first, hybrid, and distributed teams who are hungry for these experiences.

But we know Ludio can be so much more.

We are living through a loneliness epidemic.

Our friends and families are geographically dispersed, our social media is more "media" than "social", and we feel like isolated gig workers when we work from home.

We are building a space where people can actively and meaningfully connect with others.

We think the world needs Ludio more than ever, and we need your help to get there. Try our product, give us feedback, and have fun!