Ludio’s tiered pricing

1 week free
Great for first-time users trying out Ludio
Day Pass
Perfect for regular
team socials
Active for a full day as soon as you start a call. If you use multiple day passes, no individual user gets charged more than $13 $5/month.
Events hosted by Ludio
Get a Ludio expert to run your event
Rounded up to the nearest half-hour.
A day pass lets you join as many Ludio calls as you like within a 24-hour window. The day pass costs $2/person.

For example, if 10 people play on Ludio within 24 hours, the day pass costs $20.

You don't have to buy day passes in advance - we just bill you once at the end of every month for your usage. We only bill you for days on which people played, and only for people who actually joined a Ludio call.
Ludio Cost Estimator

Participants per call

Days per month Ludio is used

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